Leah Steele

Founder, Searching for Serenity

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My name is Leah Steele and I founded Searching for Serenity in 2016 following years of my own struggles with burnout.

I was a lawyer for nearly 12 years and specialised in mental capacity and contentious probate. I experienced my own issues with burnout, which came to a head in early 2015.

I set up Searching for Serenity whilst working full time as a Court of Protection solicitor and in mid-2017 I took an indefinite career break from law to expand my work with Searching for Serenity.


I help you and your staff create an amazing culture, with healthy, resilient workers that are (this is what you’re here for) more productive, efficient and profitable than ever.

Recent Gallup polls suggest that 67% of staff are experiencing some level of burnout at any one time. Burnout exhibits in exhaustion (inefficiencies) negativity and cynicism (affecting other people’s engagement and effectiveness) and reduced professional efficacy (and there goes the profitability…).

Whilst you will most often see me talk about burnout, imposter syndrome and resilience issues, my work broadly falls under two headings; why we struggle at work and how we can thrive.

I use a combination of my own lived experience together with the research, development and knowledge that goes into hundreds of hours of mentoring 1:1 clients to create engaging and meaningful talks

These are not dry, read from the slides and never make eye contact kind of training events. I work with you to create the training that you and your team need, focusing on the pain points you have identified and offering real, pragmatic and immediately implementable solutions.

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