Iain McSporran KC

Solicitor Advocate KC

About this speaker

Iain has spent his entire legal career in Criminal Law, undertaking his traineeship with the Procurator Fiscal Service then serving as a PF Depute until 1998 when he commenced as a defence solicitor in Edinburgh before becoming an Advocate Depute in 2006. He was appointed Deputy Principal Crown Counsel in 2012 and was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2016. Using his uncanny business acumen, he resigned from that well-paid post in 2019 to become a sole-practitioner Solicitor-Advocate just in time for a global pandemic to wipe out his sole source of income. Since then, he has desperately attempted to ensure that criminal defence solicitors don't forget about him so has been only too happy to participate in Hey Legal and other media presentations. He must surely have learned something useful in all these years?


Stories from the Court Room: Tales and Trials - 60 minutes CPD

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